mostly everything i shoot ends up being with either an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 8 plus. i have a “real” camera, but i never remember to take it outside with me. most of my photography is fairly impromptu anyway. i am an exceedingly slow walker and i have no problem going out and just looking for interesting things to photograph. my favorite subjects, by far, are sunsets and sunrises. i live in a place where the only real benefit is good sunsets/sunrises, so i try to take advantage of that during the 5 months a year where we actually have sun.

i’m not what i’d consider “a good photographer,” by any means, but i do have some tips regarding shooting and editing on the iphone. if you have an android, uhhhhhhh i have no tips for you

  1. for iPhone photography, don’t shoot with the default iPhone app, unless you’re shooting in portrait mode.
  2. for image editing, i tend to prefer to do it on my desktop. i use Photoshop (PC/Mac) and Affinity Photo (PC/Mac)
    • if you’re looking to save money, go with Affinity Photo. Photoshop isn’t anything special anymore and i would never suggest people pay $10/mo to a corporation that now does pop up ads in their software (for the software you’re already using)
    • when i do image editing on my ipad, i use Affinity Photo (the iOS version, obviously.) it is extremely powerful and i like it a lot.
    • if i HAVE to edit an image on my iPhone (which i try to avoid at all costs) i will use VSCO. it’s..fine. definitely not my favorite
  3. better sunset/sunrise colors usually come from decreasing the brightness/exposure of your shot BEFORE you shoot. this is how i get really deep oranges and pinks. the iPhone will, by default, attempt to produce brighter images (which means less noise, so it’s understandable) so this is something you want to be mindful of.
  4. if you can afford it, invest in one of those cheap clip-on lenses for your iPhone. both macro and wide angle are good, and often cost about $10 for a pack of 2-3 lenses. do not feel like you need to pay a billion dollars for those fancy iPhone lenses unless you can actually afford them