Chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably already know who i am and don’t actually need to read a biography of, well, me. but on the off chance that you don’t actually know who i am, hi, how are you? my name is astro. no, that’s not my real name, but it’s basically what i’ve been going by for the last 3-4 years, and i like it better as an online handle than most other things i’ve had. welcome to my blog.

sort of. i haven’t decided if it’s actually a blog yet.

like almost all of my sites, this one was born partially out of boredom, but mostly out of dissatisfaction with social media. twitter has recently updated its layout to a newer, more aggressive form of visual harassment. it looks like it was designed for 70-year-olds, and my willingness to use a service that only serves to pipeline advertisements into my visual field is dropping pretty sharply. so, maybe this is a replacement for that.

maybe i’ll just shitpost here all day.

oh, right. maybe you want to know something about me. uhhh. i’m in my 30s. i’m agender (any/all pronouns are fine, it’s whatever.) in my professional life, i’m a journalist. in my personal life, i’m an on-again, off-again artist. i used to do a lot of digital painting back in the day. i once went to art school for two semesters and then dropped out. i have about 7 years of watercolor training under my belt, though i haven’t seriously painted anything in the physical realm over a decade. i recently decided that i’d like to get way better at digital design. i am a big fan of vector art and logos. i have a bachelors degree in critical literature analysis and interdisciplinary technical writing. i took 60 credits in science with the hopes of eventually becoming an environmental advocate of some sort. then trump became president in my second to last year of college. i incurred $58k of debt for some dipshit billionaire to neuter the EPA and DEA and ensure i’d probably never get a job in that field. it’s fine. it’s whatever. it’s cool.

i’m an atheist, a communist, and i tend to ride the line of being amused and bemused about 24/7.