hello world

this is my new website. i was originally going to make the url the same as my old website, but then i got a free domain when i signed up for a wordpress and i found out that you could have a .cool, which instantly told me that i should make the best worst url possible. so thats how i ended up with whatever-its.cool which i actually really like now, so for at least a year this sucker is gonna be a thing.

this place is mostly going to be a repository for things im designing, or for my dumb photography (see image below. and above. im on that 2x shit) or for weird things i find and don’t have a place to actually put. if you’re looking for my other projects, i highly suggest you visit astroillogi.ca, where you can find jumpoff points to all my other projects, including a game i made, some music i made, and my social media links, and my ko-fi, if you’re into that sort of thing.

i may eventually open up a shop or a patreon for various shit i’m doing but for now i don’t really have a lot planned for this other than a sort-of faux portfolio and WIP design site, so hopefully you don’t mind that my shit is just in complete and utter disarray. its wrecked. awful, really.

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