Rules of the Game

1. Whenever possible, reuse the shit you already own.

I was initially going to get rid of all my furniture and slowly buy new. Ultimately, I decided against this. The biggest reason is that it would have lead to me not having any money for anything else. Another reason is that not everything I own is garbage.

If I’m going to need to find something to fit into my color scheme, why not just paint what I already own?

2. Don’t buy shitty quality stuff.

If you’ve been poor for any amount of time at all, chances are, you bought some crap from your local Extra Budget Garbage Factory (e.g., Walmart, family dollar, dollar general, or god forbid: dollar tree.)

And then it fell apart two months into owning it.

Hey, we all do it. Me especially.

Maybe I’ll do it less.

3. Don’t make shitty things.

If you want a high-dose of terminal brain rot, type in “dollar store challenge” into YouTube.

Does every dollar store challenge suck? Yeah, basically.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. You can spend $25 on a bunch of shit from dollar tree and hot glue it to make some trendy piece of decor that looks like it’s made of 25 discrete dollar-store items that fall apart in a month.

Or you could spend $45 on real materials and do the project right, have something that looks markedly better, and hopefully, it’ll last you a while.

4. Pick a theme and stick with it

One of the things I never got into until now was having a theme. Again, I never felt like I could decorate something because it would be taken away from me.

Being able to pick a theme does a few things. Most importantly, it rules out things that you can’t or shouldn’t buy because it’ll break your aesthetic.

It makes things look orderly and nice. It also gives you something to look for when you go out.

Also, it’s just a nice challenge.


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