Whatever... It's Cool

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Rules of the Game

1. Whenever possible, reuse the shit you already own.

I was initially going to get rid of all my furniture and slowly buy new. Ultimately, I decided against this. The biggest reason is that it would have lead to me not having any money for anything else. Another reason is that not everything I own is garbage.

If I’m going to need to find something to fit into my color scheme, why not just paint what I already own?

2. Don’t buy shitty quality stuff.

If you’ve been poor for any amount of time at all, chances are, you bought some crap from your local Extra Budget Garbage Factory (e.g., Walmart, family dollar, dollar general, or god forbid: dollar tree.)

And then it fell apart two months into owning it.

Hey, we all do it. Me especially.

Maybe I’ll do it less.

3. Don’t make shitty things.

If you want a high-dose of terminal brain rot, type in “dollar store challenge” into...

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Austerity Sucks Shit


This isn’t a project that is about saving money. It’s not a project designed to make you more thrifty. I’m not pinching pennies. If I were, I wouldn’t be doing any of this.

The cheapest thing to do is to not.

If you’re looking for tips to save money, you’ve got the wrong person.


If you’ve never had the unique experience of being poor, I highly suggest it. It gives you a wonderful perspective that you can’t get anywhere else.

Of course, I don’t recommend staying poor, either.

How do you become temporarily poor? I don’t know.

Lottery tickets are $2.


I’m tired of living in apartments I’m too afraid to enjoy. I lived in a 575 square foot apartment for six years. I never decorated it out of fear of having it taken away from me. I thought the minute that I let myself feel at home in an apartment – the very second that I decorated something – my landlord would rush in...

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